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Our Past
09/03/2001 - 18/09/2009
Keisha - Gr. Ch. Karham
Destinys Child 'A''Z'
Keisha, you were the pride and joy of Karham.
You put Karham on the map throughout Australia, you made
us what we are today.  Without you there would be no
Karham German Shepherds.
You held the record of Australia's Youngest Grand Champion
for so long and had some amazing success in the showring.
You gave us three beautiful progeny who do us proud both in
and out of the showring.
You were the leader of the pack, the other dogs miss you just
as much as we do.
Kalara - Ch. Karham TheBest
03/11/2008 - 19/03/2014
Sadly, taken far too soon from that horrible Bloat.  A girl
who lived life in the fast lane and never really grew up.  High
on life, Kalara was ready to take on the world.  
Unfortunately, fate had other things in store.  Now at peace
with her mum Keisha watching over us all.
Lexie came to us from Debbar kennels in Brisbane.

Limitedly shown, Lexie became an Australian
and also a
Runner-Up Best in Show winner.

Lexie qualified for the Zone 3 Dog of The Year
competition in 2007.

Lexie was Brettie's best mate until she passed away.  
She now watches over all at Karham.
Lexie - Ch. Debbar Check Me Out
21/09/2002 - 19/07/2015